Perth Accessibility Meetup Group


We often get asked to recommend tools and articles to help people on their journey to learning accessibility. These are a few of our favourites but if you have specific needs, come along to a meetup and chat with us all about it.


  • Centre for Accessibility

    The Centre for Accessibility is a campaign with easy to understand online resources explaining what digital accessibility is, who needs it, and how people in charge of digital content can make it happen. Very useful for managers in particular, but worthwhile for anyone just beginning to learn about accessibility.

  • Guidelines for Producing Accessible e-text

    If you need to make ebooks, e-texts or other digital publications, these guidelines will help. Created by the Round Table on Information Access For People With Print Disabilities.

  • Making Images Accessible

    Accessible images are so important! Use these training tools, templates and samples to make yours as understandable as possible.

  • Microsoft's Inclusive Design Principles

    A great site with videos and a toolkit for making your digital products more inclusive

  • WebAIM's WCAG2.0 Checklist

    A plain-language version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0



Content authors


  • PDF reduction strategy

    If your site is full of inaccessible PDFs, this article has useful suggestions for replacing them